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The Full Approach

Mary’s coaching programs include amazing nutrition, fitness programs and support system designed to get you fit and healthy!

Whole Body Health

We cannot change the body without the mind. A complete lifestyle shift happens one simple change at a time.

Fitness Training

The right fitness program will keep you motivated and ensure consistency in reaching your goals.

Clean Eating

Your ideal body begins in your kitchen. Learn to eat the right meals at the right times.

From the Blog

One Simple Mindset Shift

Often times, the problem is our mind. Can you relate? I’m extremely guilty of conjuring up problems that don’t exist.  This is mainly because when we allow a single negative thought to enter our mind, it can spiral out of control.  And if you suffer from compulsive...

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Sleep eluding you?

Oh, that elusive sleep. That time to relax and regenerate. To heal and repair.

If you need that coffee or two (or three) every morning you may get some very useful tips in this post.

Sleep isn’t just important for your mind and body to have energy and be alert. Lack of sleep can contribute to serious health issues which you don’t want.

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Mary Massey

Certified Trainer, Zumba® Instructor, Entrepreneur.

Being fit and confident makes for a happier, healthier life. That’s where Mary Massey comes in: As a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, and Motivator, she provides the tools her valued clients need to become their best versions. Currently, she is the Owner of a successful fitness business and Co-Founder of a prominent international brand.

The 28 Day Challenge

Improve your health, drop a dress size and feel confident.


Full-length workout videos


Clean eating recipes and tips


15 minute high impact cardio workouts


Weight lifting exercises you can do at home


Zumba® Fitness & More

Personal Training

A results-driven approach to personal training. Experience a true mind and body transformation.


Our coaching program is for everyone.

“I was blown away by the meal plan. It was definitely cheat eating at its finest.””

Sue Smith

Clean Eats Momma Blog

“My body had never been in better shape than when I trained with you.”

Barbara Schumaker

CEO, Rockstar Company

“Your online videos have inspired me to make a change for the better!”

Mark Jones

Bookkeeper, Self Employed