2019 Guatemala Habitat for Humanity Trip

Our story

As a Zumba Instructor I enjoy one of the best benefits possible:  meeting new people.  Years ago this wonderful lady entered my studio and moved into my world.  I know it sounds cheesy but this lady became my best friend.  She’s my family.  Lisa is someone who is never shy and never turns down and opportunity to help and serve, especially if it means getting her hands dirty.  So when I learned that she had traveled several times as part of a group to build homes in Guatemala with Habitat for Humanity I told her I wanted to do the same.  So now we are preparing to go once again on our third trip together but the 9th for her.  To do this, we need your help so please consider supporting us by donating to our March, 2019 trip.

Why we do it

We do this because not everyone is willing to leave their families to get dirty, sunburned and scarred. And we do it happily because we are giving to someone who can’t do anything for us.  These people are hardworking and the dream of becoming a home owner and providing a proper dwelling for their families wouldn’t be possible without Habitat stepping in and it wouldn’t be possible without its amazing volunteers.  This is our way of giving back and of doing something together that we both love.  Knowing the language also makes us a great asset to the team.

Here’s a video from our first trip together.  We had the best time getting dirty, dealing with stomach issues and flexing our building muscles.  Take some time to watch how amazing this experience can be.

I have set up a way for you to help us get there.  Our combined goal is $2,600.  Please click on the DONATE button below.  You can donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.  Every dollar counts and 100% of the proceeds will go toward our trip.

We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mary & Lisa