Mary Massey

Certified Trainer, Coach, Entrepreneur

About Mary

My mission is to help clients implement the habits that will help them achieve a strong body through customized fitness and nutrition. 

Hello and thank you for visiting!  I am a wife to a wonderful and supporting husband and mom to two great kids who keep me motivated and committed to a healthy lifestyle.  My fitness journey began with Zumba® in 2007.  I experienced several months of depression after my dad passed away due to cardiac arrest.  Although I would go to the gym often I basically just went through the motions.  Treadmill, maybe some machines, an occasional yoga class.  That was it.  Until one day I saw a flier advertising a new class called Zumba®.  The flier stated it was a fitness class based on Latin dance.  I figured “hey, why not?”  I’ll never forget how I felt as I walked to my car that evening.  I was hooked and couldn’t wait for more.  The fact that it was based on Latin dance is what reeled me in.  The instructor is what kept me coming back.  She was amazing and will always have a special place in my heart.  I was close to asking my doctor for depression medication.  I never understood how big of a role exercise played in our mental health.  My journey continued as I began to see more definition in my body with the incorporation of Zumba® Toning.  Eventually I became a Licensed Zumba® Instructor, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer.  I became pregnant with second child and had to stop exercising long before I wanted to due to complications.  I gained a lot of weight and worked hard to get my body back but this time my body is stronger, leaner and more muscular than before.  I am living proof that finding the right fitness format can not only be life-saving but also a launching pad to great opportunities.

My focus now is on helping women achieve a healthy lifestyle through fitness and better eating habits.  I’ve been blessed with a wonderful client base through the various fitness formats I teach as well as my personal training sessions.  This website is one of the ways I hope to reach people in order to motivate and encourage them.  I hope you find it useful and will share it.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.