I wanted to share my my first detox experience with you.

There’s so much talk about toxicity but what does it really mean?  If you think that living in a toxic environment can make you sick, you are correct.  But did you know that your vital organs act as an amazing filter to keep you healthy and that they are more than capable of handling your daily toxic load?  Our bodies are amazing machines but as with any machine, maintenance is required.  This is why I decided to try a detox tea.

For centuries, Chinese healers have used various herbs in specific proportions to treat all sorts of ailments.  I remember being exposed to some of these herbs as a kid.  Think about this:  When you have a stomach ache, you might drink mint or chamomile tea.  When you have a cold, ginger and garlic are the way to go.  These ingredients are nature’s way of keeping us healthy, IF you choose to use them.

Traditional medicine has been a huge asset to us but I truly believe that herbs and more “close to nature” ingredients can be extremely effective.

I decided to try a detox tea out of curiosity and also because I was beginning to feel bloated.  As we inch toward menopause, hormones begin to fluctuate and fat stores can become more stubborn.  When this happens, we need to recognize what’s going on and act right away.  Thankfully, someone told me about this detox tea which is a blend of herbs and 2 highly beneficial mushrooms that work together to provide a synergistic effect on the organs.  The first order of business is to detox the liver.

An unhealthy liver causes chaos throughout the body, and when it fails, you’re done.  An unhealthy gut makes us feel bloated, decreases our immunity and causes inflammation throughout the entire body.  Inflammation is one of the top causes of diseases such as high blood pressure and even cancer.  Your gut is your second brain.  There have been studies reporting that reducing inflammation and increasing gut health can help reduce anxiety and depression.

For me, it was more about losing the bloat and by helping your gut, you experience this much sought after side effect called weight loss.  I didn’t think I’d have any weight to lose but I lost 4lbs in a week.  More importantly for me, the bloat was gone and I wasn’t spilling out of my leggings. As a fitness professional, I try to look the part.  This helped me flatten my belly and shrink my waist line.

Here’s what I experienced even though I’m quite regular:

Day 1, no change.

Day 2, started going to the bathroom more frequently, experienced some intestinal cramping but I knew it was from the tea.

Day 3, pee’d a lot!  I realized on this day that I had to drink more water to keep flushing

Day 4 and 5, light headache that lasted 2 days and 2 pimples!  I read this is called the “detox flu” so I wasn’t ready.  Side note, this is when I noticed my six pack again!

Day 6, lost almost 5 lbs, flat tummy and leggings fit better

Day 7, better sleep, more energy, better mood

I’m on week 6 because of the amazing health benefits of this caffeine free herbal mix.  The chaga and reishi (ganoderma) mushrooms help to repair the gut but before the gut is repaired, it has to be cleared of the junk.  Think of it this way:  when you purge your closet, you only put back in what you need.

So far I have been very pleased with my results and so have my clients and right now you can take advantage of the Black Friday Special!  Save $50 on the Gold Pack using code DETOX50click here.  And if you are ready to help me change people’s lives, simply e-mail me: totalwellness@marymassey.com and ask me how.