What does it mean?

In order for your body to work at its most optimum level it needs to be fueled properly.  Everything you eat will affect your body in a positive or negative way.

Positive choices for your health

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water:  It’s important to stay hydrated as your body is composed of 75% water

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetable:  Nature has provided perfect food for you to consume, but this food is meant to work synergistically, meaning that an apple only has qualities of an apple, an orange only has the chemical composition of an orange but when consumed together they work at providing you loads of nutrients that your body needs.  Another example:  Just as calcium requires vitamin D to in order to be absorbed by the body other important vitamins and minerals work the same way.

Exercise:  It has been proven time and time again that exercise can be a mood booster, relieves aches, pains and body soreness and stiffness and helps you lose weight.  Find something that you enjoy such as going for nature walks alone or with a partner, swimming, running, dance classes, etc.  Once you find the right modality you will not only notice positive changes but you will enjoy the exercise.

Worry less:  Focusing on the positivity around you and engaging in positive self-talk can not only do wonders for your soul but also for your stress  level.  Stress hormones can cause all sorts of problems that can lead to mood-altering drugs, depression and anxiety.  Although some are more pre-disposed to chemicals miscommunication in the brain, everyone can certainly find ways to decrease stress.

Are you getting what you need?

While it’s true that many people might have a balanced diet it is also true that it’s hard for our bodies to absorb the nutrients it needs.  Through cooking, the vegetables we consume lose important nutrients.  The synthetic vitamins that we take are not properly absorbed so we end up urinating them away thereby wasting money.  Our bodies can only absorb so much and as it needs it.  And as you’ve heard from your parents eating your fruits and veggies is the best way to stay healthy.  A lot of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need are found in fruits and vegetables.  But there is still a caveat with all this.  Cooking the veggies depletes the nutrients and eating too much fruit can increase your sugar intake dramatically.

The solution:  Juice Plus

We are not consuming the recommended amount of fruits and veggies on a daily basis.  Because of this, supplementation is often required.  We buy vitamins to try and bridge the gap as we may not get enough of the nutrients our bodies need from our daily diet.  What Juice Plus has done is derived a way that is effective for our bodies to absorb what it needs.  They juice the vegetables, berries and fruit and then extract the sugars, leaving the essential nutrients and fiber.  The vegetables and fruits, in their concentrated powder form have been researched many times and found to be bioavailable.  What this means is that you don’t pee it out!  The body absorbs the nutrients as soon as they are digested.  Your first choice should always be to consume good food and choose the right supplementation in the form of concentrated nutrients.

The Results

By effectively introducing the Juice Plus Trio Blend of concentrated vegetables, berries and fruits to your daily diet you are giving your body a better chance to regenerated itself.  Did you know that blood cells take 3 months to regenerate?  Muscle and organs about six months and bone and teeth about a year? Now think about how much better it is to be proactive instead of reactive.  Being proactive means you are doing everything necessary to take care of yourself.  You exercise, eat well, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water.  You keep your stress levels manageable and seek the right supplementation.  Being reactive is taking pain killers and other medication to treat conditions that could easily be prevented through great nutrition.

Are you ready to give it a try?

Let me help you feel and look your best.  I have developed two programs designed to renew your body from the inside out.  You will see results quickly as you learn to enhance your nutrition through proper diet and exercise in a safe and supportive environment.  Contact me today to take part in one of my programs.  E-mail me at totalwellness @